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Client Feedback

"I am a serving soldier of over 7 years  and at the beginning of last year I got an injury in my lower back and the pain went all the way down my lower legs. I went through physio, but with a busy career and not much time it didn't help. Having to concentrate on my career not the injury it just became something that I had to live with. I had two treatments with Therapies4services, and noticed the pain had gone down to barely feeling anything. What surprised me the most was a few days after the treatment I took part in a military fitness session and touched my toes on the stretch off at the end, not only couldn't I do this earlier with my injury I couldn't stretch to the point of touching my toes before I was injured! I would definitely recommend  this treatment and indeed Therapies4services to any body!"

LCpl J Atkinson, Yorkshire Regiment.

"An amazing service which I fully recommend it has changed my life."

S. Andrews

"Therapies4services attended the health and well-being day at St Athans, as a medical person I am always sceptical with alternative therapies. I take it back. An excellent treatment that immediately removed my aches and pains. Lovely interpersonal skills. WOW!"

H. Smith

"I am a serving soldier and I have had a treatment with the pain in the muscles in my legs and back. The treatment was very helpful and relaxing. Therapists are very good and knowledgeable and helped massively. After a short time I felt 100% better. I would definitely believe a service like this offered through the military would be beneficial, as it would help a lot of soldiers stay and keep their bodies in good health. Also it is a very good stress reliever and a good way to relax."


32 Reg RA 

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